PS22 Chorus "VIVA LA VIDA" Coldplay (acoustic guitar version) The PS22 Chorus of 2009 has some fun with Coldplay's Grammy nominated song Viva La Vida, the amazing new hit single from the album of the same name. Hope it sweeps the Grammies! I love watching them sing this one, and it has kind of a different sound and feel on the guitar than the previously posted piano and acapella versions, so I thought it merited YouTubeage.... April sings the solo and sounds better than ever on this one. The PS22 Chorus consists of about 60 fifth graders and have sung with Tori Amos, Crowded House, among many others. Visit our above website to find out more about these amazing New York City public school kids. Coldplay's new album comes highly recommended, featuring the songs: 01 Life in Technicolor 02 Cemeteries of London 03 Lost! 04 42 05 Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love 06 Yes 07 Viva la Vida 08 Violet Hill 09 Strawberry Swing 10 Death and All His Friends

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